About Us

LEJEUNE is a minimal, refined jewellery line with a conscious and season-less approach. Valuing the importance of quality and sustainability in everyday life, we believe that sustainability starts from high quality and timeless designs - we encourage people to consume consciously and purchase timeless and sustainability made high quality items that can last a life time.
Each item is handmade to order, in an effort to reduce waste, excess stock and over production. When selecting materials, we opt for locally sourced precious metals which meet our standards of quality and sustainability. We are dedicated to producing sustainable jewellery with a small carbon footprint, wherever possible we try to use recycled materials in our jewellery and packaging materials. We value long lasting quality pieces, designing jewellery in a more timeless design that will have a longer lifespan. Our mission is to offer timeless, season-less staple pieces that promote slow and considered consumption.
At LEJEUNE we strive for honest and sustainable jewellery without compromise. The entire design process is responsibly fulfilled as our collection is designed and produced in our studio in Australia. Operating on a local scale minimising the need for excess transport and shipments, our jewellery is handmade to order from locally sourced precious metals, using traditional silversmithing techniques that are less wasteful than many modern jewellery making processes. Each item is handmade to order, in an effort to limit excess waste and over produced stock. We recycle all metal offcuts produced during the manufacturing process to be recycled and refined to create more jewellery. We are continually developing and improving the manufacturing process to increase more sustainable methods into our production and lessen the impact we have on the environment.