Learn more about our materials and how to keep your jewellery looking its best.


Vermeil is a historical 18th Century French method of bonding high karat gold on top of 925 sterling silver. Standard plated jewellery can use various base metals and has no minimum depth, yet for an item to be considered vermeil it can only have hypo-allergenic sterling silver as base metal, a minimum of 14k gold purity and the layer of gold must be at least 2.5 microns thick. We use hardened 24k gold layered on sterling silver to give a warm and rich gold. 

All of our 24k Gold Vermeil items are made using 
100% recycled 925 Sterling Silver.


  • Although gold vermeil is far more durable than standard plating, it is still susceptible to wear and fading over time. Remove jewellery prior to showing, exercising and do not come into contact with harsh chemicals (such as perfumes, lotions etc) as this will accelerate the metal oxidising.
  • Clean gently with a soft cloth - do not rub vigorously or the plating could be removed.
  • We recommend you store your Vermeil pieces in their pouch when not in use to avoid scratches to the gold.
  • We only use 925 sterling silver earring posts for sensitive ears due to sterling silver’s low-reactivity to the human body. Sterling silver posts are naturally soft due to the high silver content, so we recommend gently bending them back into shape if they’re accidentally bent.

    We make every effort to source ethical, high quality pearls from family-run farms, and occasionally recycle pearl strands to give them a new life. Our use of natural Baroque pearls means that no two pieces are truly identical.


    • Our natural freshwater pearls are delicate and susceptible to the elements, please ensure your your pearls do not come into contact with hairspray, cosmetics, suncreams and perfumes as these contain chemicals that can damage the nacre. Although pearls can be worn every day, it is advisable not to swim, shower, sleep or play sport whilst wearing them. Make sure to apply any perfumes before putting on your pearl jewellery, as direct exposure can affect the lustre and quality of the pearl. 
    • To clean your pearls, gently wipe using soft, damp cloth to remove excess oils and dirt. If you are travelling, we recommend storing your jewellery in their pouch avoid any damage the pearls. 



    If you’ve loved your jewellery like we hope you have but over time it’s started to lose it’s shine, we offer our professional in house re-plating and jewellery polishing service for any of our pieces. Please contact to arrange.